IN State License 72-6656 

Tuition & Times

Hours: 7:15-5:15 Monday thru Friday.  Sibling or Military discounts are available.         Tuition is due the Friday morning prior to each week's attendance.

Infants - $135 per week

Infants learn quickly at Lil' Treasures Child Care & Early Learning Center.  Not only do we have specific programs to help babies read, but the mixed ages environment means younger children are positively influenced by the curriculum used with the older children.  You can expect your baby to learn words recognized by the American Sign Language Community; "more", "please", "thank you", and "milk" are just a few of the typical words they learn first.  You also won't miss a thing as we make sure to take plenty of photos of your child as they learn, laugh, and grow.  Safety and Health are the priority at this age.  We work closely with parents to discuss eating habits, sleep cycles, and their development of fine motor skills.  Due to the limited number of infants allowed by Indiana State Regulations, it is recommended that you reserve your infant slot 3 months prior to delivery. 

​Our regular program includes preschool curriculum.  We have Circle Time every morning where we discuss the season, the weather, days of the weeks, work on our flash cards, counting, ABC's, colors, songs, and of course some playtime, exercise, and dancing to fun music.  We also have Arts & Crafts, storybook time, and go outside to play as often as we can.  We also like to party!  Whether we are celebrating St. Patrick's Day, The 4th of July, or someone's birthday, we always dress up, act up, and have a great time.  While we do love our party food like cupcakes and chips, we always ensure to have healthy snacks too - like fruit. Many programs in large-center environments have too many children in one room, limiting the personal attention a child needs.  Many of them are also only for a couple of hours a day.  Our full-time program increases learning and minimizes the impact of pressing too much activity into each hour.

2-5 Year Olds - $125 per week

If a child has attended Lil' Treasures Child Care & Early Learning Center as an infant, they typically know their colors, how to count to 20, how to sight-read 20 or more words, and are beginning to write.  Of course, each child is unique so we do not put undo pressure on a child who may develop at a different pace than his or her peers.  Children have the great ability to take in an enormous amount of information.  Don't be surprised if your child knows more languages than you do.  We speak primarily American English, but we also expand their horizons with Spanish, French, and some German.  We focus a lot of our attention on continued learning of numbers, shapes, colors, the seasons, and how to socially interact with our friends in a loving and polite manner.  Development of gross motor skills is also important at this stage as we run and play outdoors with our friends.